Walking Among the Kite Surfers

I enjoy the whole vibe of Cabaret in the Dominican Republic.  One of the more fascinating places for me to go to on my last visit was an area called Kite Beach, where you can learn to kite surf and then go out among the throngs of other surfers enjoying the seemingly constant wind.  On this trip I wish I had  taken a long lens: I actually don’t normally like using long lenses when I am out shooting on my own.  For me I lose the intimacy of the subject matter.  However, they are very useful in certain situations or to render certain effects.  In this case I would have been able to zoom in much more on some of the great surfers further out from the beach.  However, I still managed to get some fun shots and shots that I though helped to illustrate the feeling of place.  With this image, I like the woman’s posture and stride as she watches a surfer approaching the beach.  She is on the left side of the frame while he is on the right, and they seem to be looking at one another.   But what I feel elevated the shot a bit is the shadow of the kite at the woman’s feet.


A woman walking along Kite Beach in the shadow of a kite surfer in Cabarete, Dominican Republic (©2014 Englebright Photography)

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