Times Square at 42nd St.

I am trying to find areas in NYC that may have potential to create imagery for my Second Impressions body of work that I am currently working on.  I think Times Square is one of those places because of the crowds, the lights, and the colors.  I will go back quite a few times to capture imagery at different times of the day and explore the quality of light that I may get at those different times.  This image is from my first foray to Times Square with this work in mind.  To create this image I found a place with both shadow and direct light.  I wanted to capture people as they emerged from the shadow into the light.  With this image I like how her right foot disappears as if she is dipping her foot into a pool of light.  I am fond of the square format; I cropped it this way to create a tension and made sure I kept the figure standing in the shadows at the very edge of the right hand side of the frame.


 (Robert Englebright)



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