The Cloisters

An actress and I had an idea for a photo shoot.  We wanted a film noir feel to it and were looking for an other-worldly sense of place: something distinct but hard to place.  I thought of The Cloisters in upper Manhattan because unless you know of it you would not know it is in New York and the architecture is antiquated and Old World.  So I went up there to location scout and took a bunch of pictures.  It had been a very long time since I had been up there, and that was with my sister sightseeing.  I had a specific purpose for being there and wanted to shoot spots that would fit within the framework of the photo shoot.  But I found myself being drawn to photograph the place just for the beauty inherent in it.  I had to concentrate on taking pics from a location-scouting standpoint.  Unfortunately, after contacting The Cloisters I discovered that they in no way allow any kind of photoshoot on the grounds, no matter how persuasive I tried to be.  It is totally understandable considering the antiquities they have there and the disturbance it may cause to paying visitors.  Today I was looking through the images and began working with certain ones in Lightroom.  I came to prefer them in a toned black and white because it emphasizes the textures and light quality.  These images were taken with a Canon G12, but I am compelled to keep going back there with my DSLR and exploring the photographic potential of the place.  Let me know what you think.

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