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Photographing a Drag Queen


I recently accepted the opportunity to put my talents to good use for a non-for-profit organization that raises money every year for the NYC LGBT community.  It is  ”Broadway Sings for Pride”, the result of Neal Bennington’s need to address the high rates of suicide within the LGBT community.  Since 2011 he has been putting […]

Not Much To Say

My blog writing is probably like many people who attempt it:  sporadic and uninspired.  Part of it is my Midwest upbringing – I don’t like to toot my own horn and deep down in my soul it feels a bit too self-indulgent.  But I do like to use it to share images that I have […]

Costin With Balloons

Costin With Balloons

This triptych is from a photo shoot I did with the actor Costin Becheanu.  We did quite a few different scenarios, all of them with the balloons.  But it was from this scenario on Pier 26 in Manhattan that we got the most traction.  The three images together compliment one another and give a sense of […]

Photograph of Keino Benjamin

This was a very spontaneous shot.  I was working on the light and needed somebody to stand in for a test.  Keino stepped in and it ended up being a moment when he seems unguarded and open, confident and peaceful.  I also love the way the light falls off and the value of the background. […]

One Image of Kian Brown From Photo Shoot

I have not been able to do much with the images that were created from last week’s photo shoot with Kian Brown.  The images will be used for the dust jacket of his upcoming book and for various marketing purposes.  This is one of my favorite images to come out of the shoot.  I like […]

A Groom Being Groomed

I took a small gig photographing the wedding of a young couple.   They decided to forgo the crazy and expensive route of a full-blown wedding and instead get married at the Marriage Bureau, City Clerk’s Office.  This is an image of the groom being groomed.

New Image in Location Portraits Portfolio

I added a new image to my online portfolio, “Location Portraits”.  It is of my friend Sean, a very talented performer.  We did a shoot a while ago and he wanted to go out on the fire escape to shoot a few.  It was in the middle of winter and very very cold out, but […]

Sean in White Shirt

I enjoy photographing Sean.  He knows how to pose his lithe frame for the camera.  I’ve photographed him quite a bit and we always get something good.  This was done at my apartment using a paper globe on a torchiere.  I loved the quality of the light.

Diptych of Troy White

I’ve posted location oriented work over the last week so I thought I would switch it up and post one of my favorite portraits.  This is a black and white dipytch of Troy White that I did many years ago.  I just added it to my “Studio Portraits” Gallery on my website.