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Train Picture — Hong Kong Photo — National Geographic Photo of the Day

This is the sort of photograph that really connects with me viscerally. It is beautifully executed with a high degree of technical skill (f-stop, shutter speed,depth of field). It is also a wonderful example of what, for me, photography does best: photography can honestly portray the quotidian in a fresh way and elevate a moment. […]

An Evolving View of Animals by Tim Flach

An image by Tim Flach as seen on the LENS blog of the NY Times.

I find one of the most inspiring photography blogs to be the LENS blog in the NY Times.  A case in point is today’s blog on the beautiful and transportive work of Tim Flach .  In the LENS blog it discusses what informs and drives Mr. Flach to create his work.  He also happens to have […]

iPhotographer Magazine

I was turned on to iPhotographer Magazine via Paul Toussaint on LinkedIn.  As I mentioned to Paul, I have been ambivalent about delving too deeply into using my iPhone’s camera and have therefore not explored what really creative people are doing with it. My exposure has been mostly with the mediocre images I see on Instagram (no […]