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A Chef and His Ingredients

I shot this at Bread’s Bakery near Union Square in Manhattan.  I was mostly photographing what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen.  There is a lot of activity at this place and they put out great product.  Obviously the themes of this diptych are light and steam.  

Maintenance Man With Hose

I had just finished shooting landscapes of Carl Schurz Park and was walking across the street when I saw this maintenance man hosing down the front of an apartment building.  I photographed him hosing a door, then walked up and asked if I could take a picture of him looking into the camera.  After I […]

Going To Or Coming From

Another image from what is tentatively being called “Visual Whisper”, but only because I haven’t yet tried thinking of anything else to call it.  ”Visual Whispers” just doesn’t adequately reflect the work in total as it stands now.   This image was created by putting two images together.  I’m going to experiment with combing elements […]

Stencil Diptych

These two images were made to be together. Not literally. I didn’t shoot one and then come across the other on the street and then thought “ah HA”. The process was a bit more oblique than that. I shot these two images two years apart. It wasn’t until I was editing and sequencing images for […]

Diptych of Troy White

I’ve posted location oriented work over the last week so I thought I would switch it up and post one of my favorite portraits.  This is a black and white dipytch of Troy White that I did many years ago.  I just added it to my “Studio Portraits” Gallery on my website.

Tree and Chair Diptych

I love this diptych.  I like the interplay of shadows; the similar placement of the objects against a wall; the similar perspective from which they were shot; and I like that the three “colors” in the diptych are two primary colors and the secondary color that is created when those two primary colors are mixed.