Chinatown Pedestrian

I was walking around a bit in Chinatown yesterday morning seeing what promising light and environments were around that may yield interesting images for my “Vague Recollections” series.  I was intrigued by a white wall lit directly by the already bright morning light at 9am.  I liked the bit of graffiti that was on the wall and thought it would provide a compositional element.  So I set up my camera, dialed in the focus, and waited for interesting people to walk by.  I take the shots and then don’t really know the full results until I get them uploaded to my computer and can see them large on the screen.  This one struck me immediately because of the very thin neckline in contrast to the full figured body.  I also love her stride and the spectral highlights on her hear and wrist caused by the sun reflecting off her jewelry.  And this shot says summer.


 (Robert Englebright)

(Robert Englebright)

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