Not Much To Say

My blog writing is probably like many people who attempt it:  sporadic and uninspired.  Part of it is my Midwest upbringing – I don’t like to toot my own horn and deep down in my soul it feels a bit too self-indulgent.  But I do like to use it to share images that I have photographed and feel happy about.  So here I am, sharing a couple with you.  I photographed Lewis Gardner, a character actor, on Tuesday.  I was going for a noir-ish sensibility to the portraits, and I feel like I succeeded.  I also wanted to try out some new Lumedyne strobes that I recently purchased for location shooting.  I thought I would combine the strobe with the ambient light.  In the end I think the most successful images were the ones with available light.  But that will probably change as I get more comfortable with the strobes and begin to understand how to use them for my purposes.  So here are a couple of the images I created.  Hope you like them.


A man in a trenchcoat and cap stands on a street in the East Village of New York smoking a cigar. (Robert Englebright)  A man with a clenched fist sits at a bench in Tompkins Square Park in New York City. (Robert Englebright)

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