New Portfolio, “In the Hills Above Joba Arriba”

From my recent trip to Cabarete,  Dominican Republic I had the great joy of taking a hike up in the high forested hills above the village, or campos, of Joba Arriba with a woman I had met on the trip and became fast friends with.  With Marlene as my very accommodating guide and interpreter we set off from Cabarete to go up into the hills and look for photo opportunities and experience whatever we may happen to encounter.  After parking the car we started walking, our feet in nothing but flip-flops, with the intent of finding the dwelling of an elderly couple Marlene knows and making a leisurely trip out of it.  What we got instead was a 4 or 6 hour trek (who keeps track of time when you are on an adventure?) up and down steep hills, through cool refreshing creeks, and encountering various people along the way.  I don’t want to write about it in this blog.  I prefer to show you the pictures that resulted from it and hope you enjoy them.

Here is a link to the gallery of images:  In the Hills Above Joba Arriba


A view above the hills near Gaspar Hernandez in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic. (Robert Englebright)


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