New Leica T

I am pretty ambivalent regarding Leica digital cameras, and I am willing to admit that this may be partly due to my unhappy experience with the early models of Leica dig cams – they fell short within their respective price ranges of what Japanese manufacturers were offering.   Although from what I understand they have come a long way during that time I still feel like they aren’t worth the money considering what is out there.  But THIS camera is a stunning example of minimalist design.  It is beautiful.  Would I pay over $3000 for the body and a lens (they are bought separately)? Not unless I was consistently getting 4-5 figure day rates as a photographer and could afford the purchase and to write it off as a business expense.  But I’m not there yet.   So I am left to gaze at it with appreciation from a distance and wonder how long it will take before it ends up on display at MoMA.


Screenshot 2014-05-04 08.34.50

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