New ImageBrief PREMIUM Service

I was recently invited to upgrade my account with ImageBrief to the yet-to-be-rolled-out PREMIUM service.  Upon doing so I was pleased to get an invitation from Ken Pao to meet with him and the rest of the ImageBrief gang here at their offices in SoHo so that we could discuss what the new service will entail and we could bounce questions off of one another.  After sitting down with Ken and Meg, one of the co-founders, they began to enlighten me as to what direction ImageBrief hopes to go with this new service.  I left the meeting energized and optimistic.  They are enthusiastic about what they are doing, and that enthusiasm is infectious.  As it is not yet finished I do not want to misrepresent what will be available with the final product, but let me say that I think they are on to something here as a model for connecting creatives in ad agencies, magazines, etc. with photographers.  With feedback from both creatives and photographers they are actively seeking to provide a new platform for getting us together.  I am excited by the prospects.   Historically, one thing that a great product does is create a demand where there was not not one before, and that is what they are doing.  It feels innovative.

ImageBrief Profile Page

ImageBrief Profile Page

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