Marketing Manifesto

As some of you know, I am now working with Agency Access to help me with my marketing.  Lynn Kyle, who has been working with me on my images, emails, client lists, etc., wrote down a list of what I need to continue working on as we go forward.  It is very smart.  I have edited it a bit.  I call it my Marketing Manifesto, and I am sharing it with you.:

1.      Taking meetings with potential clients, or call to schedule meetings.
2.      Do at least quarterly follow up calls with all of  major clients.
3.      Send holiday gifts to major clients as appropriate.
4.      Maintain social media presence, touching base with clients and posting images.
5.      Continue developing personal projects.
6.      Think about doing special “limited edition” promotions.
7.      Use online sources like ASMP, FoundFolios, and PhotoShelter.
8.      Take part in contests like CommArts & PDN Annual.

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