Costin With Balloons

This triptych is from a photo shoot I did with the actor Costin Becheanu.  We did quite a few different scenarios, all of them with the balloons.  But it was from this scenario on Pier 26 in Manhattan that we got the most traction.  The three images together compliment one another and give a sense of place and mood.  The grass unifies the different perspectives:  without the grass across his face in the middle image it would not have worked as well with the other two.  The light is direct but soft and open.  And the balloons are photographed from 3 distinct distances that give the triptych some dynamism.


 (EP_140814_707.dng: ©2014 Robert Englebright EP_140814_797.dng: ©2014 Robert Englebright EP_140814_695.dng: ©2014 Robert Englebright)

Costin on the Pier With Balloons

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