After a Summer Hiatus

I took the summer off from my blog.  Actually, I just didn’t have anything to share or write about, and before I knew it I hadn’t posted anything in three months.  Nobody reads it anyway, so I don’t think I was missed.  And, the world doesn’t really need another blog post.  But I do want […]

A Trip to San Francisco


      I recently returned from a trip to San Francisco with close to 2000 images to edit and get down to about 40 so that I could create a manageable representative gallery.  One reason for the 2000 images is due to how I sometimes shoot, which is in brackets, usually in 1 stop […]

New ImageBrief PREMIUM Service

ImageBrief Profile Page

I was recently invited to upgrade my account with ImageBrief to the yet-to-be-rolled-out PREMIUM service.  Upon doing so I was pleased to get an invitation from Ken Pao to meet with him and the rest of the ImageBrief gang here at their offices in SoHo so that we could discuss what the new service will […]

New Portfolio, “In the Hills Above Joba Arriba”

From my recent trip to Cabarete,  Dominican Republic I had the great joy of taking a hike up in the high forested hills above the village, or campos, of Joba Arriba with a woman I had met on the trip and became fast friends with.  With Marlene as my very accommodating guide and interpreter we […]

Facebook Timeline: 5 New Tools For Your Photo Brand ‹ PhotoShelter Blog

This blog entry is really helpful if you use a Facebook page to promote your photography. It gives great insight and has links to resources on how to get the most out of your Facebook page.  I found it very informative. Facebook Timeline: 5 New Tools For Your Photo Brand ‹ PhotoShelter Blog.  

Slowly Getting To It

I am slowly editing my images, culling them from my website galleries.  At the same time I am thinking of images that I will want in my commercial portfolio.  I’ve decided to stop straddling the fence and show my work as more personal/fine art and present it that way to potential commercial clients.  It feels […]

Got It Together

Ok.  So I now have my site pretty much configured the way I like it.  I like the Modularity theme from Graph Paper Press, mostly because it is easy to set up.  I also got good timely help from the people at GPP, who held my hand a little bit through some parts. Now it’s […]

Trying Another Approach

I wasn’t totally happy with how I had configured my last website using Photoshelter, which hosts my site, and Graph Paper Press, from which I use a “theme” that is compatible with WordPress and is used to integrate Photoshelter with WordPress.  Sooooo, I am trying out a different design.  I have to get the slideshow images sized […]