Through Strange Lenses

Sunset over Cabarete

A couple of months ago I came across the work of Jimmy McIntyre on YouTube.  It was an instructional video on how to apply luminosity masks to images through Photoshop.  It was impressive, but just watching that Youtube video ended up to be just the tip of the iceberg.  He has a great eye for […]

New ImageBrief PREMIUM Service

ImageBrief Profile Page

I was recently invited to upgrade my account with ImageBrief to the yet-to-be-rolled-out PREMIUM service.  Upon doing so I was pleased to get an invitation from Ken Pao to meet with him and the rest of the ImageBrief gang here at their offices in SoHo so that we could discuss what the new service will […]

The New PhotoShelter Publish Service for Adobe Lightroom | PhotoShelter Blog


Here is one of the latest PhotoShelter blogs which introduces the new PhotoShelter Publish Service plug-in for Lightroom.  It’s a great new tool if you use PhotoShelter as a platform for your website – as I do – and use Lightroom for image management and editing.  The plug-in allows you to upload images, create galleries, […]

Forest Wrecks Gallery

Old Abandoned Panel Truck.

I had forgotten this gallery is on my website (but not listed, so no one can access it except me, my government, and probably some kid just about to begin boarding school). Anyway, I haven’t visited it in a long time.  I was a bit underwhelmed by it.  So I have decided to take a look […]

Gary Winogrand Exhibit at Metropolitan Museum

Screenshot 2014-07-06 07.43.13

I just read this article from the NY Times, Looking at Photos the Master Never Saw, about the process of editing and curating the new exhibition at the Met Museum on Gary Winogrand and wanted to share it.  The article addresses several issues that this exhibition stirs up, one of which is the thorny issue […]

Kara Walker Installation at Domino Sugar Factory

A friend of mine who was visiting from Los Angeles suggested we go see the Kara Walker installation at the old Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturday.  It was a great suggestion.  First of all, the weather was ideal, so waiting in the very long line to get into the exhibit was much […]

New Leica T

Screenshot 2014-05-04 08.34.50

I am pretty ambivalent regarding Leica digital cameras, and I am willing to admit that this may be partly due to my unhappy experience with the early models of Leica dig cams – they fell short within their respective price ranges of what Japanese manufacturers were offering.   Although from what I understand they have […]

Train Picture — Hong Kong Photo — National Geographic Photo of the Day

This is the sort of photograph that really connects with me viscerally. It is beautifully executed with a high degree of technical skill (f-stop, shutter speed,depth of field). It is also a wonderful example of what, for me, photography does best: photography can honestly portray the quotidian in a fresh way and elevate a moment. […]

Images From Election Process in Afghanistan

This series of photographs documenting the election process in Afghanistan are wonderful, and I felt the need to share them with those who may not yet have seen them.  The Romantic movement in painting came to mind as I looked at several of them for the quality of light, composition, and scenes depicted.     The […]

An Evolving View of Animals by Tim Flach

An image by Tim Flach as seen on the LENS blog of the NY Times.

I find one of the most inspiring photography blogs to be the LENS blog in the NY Times.  A case in point is today’s blog on the beautiful and transportive work of Tim Flach .  In the LENS blog it discusses what informs and drives Mr. Flach to create his work.  He also happens to have […]

Marketing Manifesto

As some of you know, I am now working with Agency Access to help me with my marketing.  Lynn Kyle, who has been working with me on my images, emails, client lists, etc., wrote down a list of what I need to continue working on as we go forward.  It is very smart.  I have […]

Photography Marketing from an Expert: Photographer’s Agent Patrick Casey

I liked this blog so much I decided to share it on my own blog.  It concisely addresses the actions a photographer needs to take in order to begin and maintain a successful marketing.   If you are lost on where to begin with your marketing, this provides information on where you should start. Photography […]

Agency Access

I feel as if my fledgling career as a commercial photographer has taken an important step forward with my decision to partner up with Agency Access to help me with my marketing and promotion.  It is called Campaign Manager.  After trying to work on marketing and promotion for a year on my own I decided […]

Adobe Photoshop Goes to the Clouds

This news has been around in the photo community for awhile, but now it is a done deal despite the clamor and petitions from the creative communities:  Adobe Creative Suites can no longer be bought, it has to be rented.   It is called the Creative Cloud, and for a monthly fee, the amount of […]

iPhoneArt Gallery – WayneGreer – Goodbye to May

I am slowly – and at first very reluctantly – finding my way into the world of  photography apps for my iPhone that do some wonderful effects.  This first happened when I read an article somebody had posted on Linked In.  From there I have been exploring for the past couple of days.  There is […]

A Reconstruction of Memory

I ran across an article in the New York Times “LENS” blog of the photographer Johan Willner’s work.  They are some very quiet but powerful images.  The article is titled A Reconstruction of Memory.  Check it out.    


I have resisted getting a Twitter account, mostly out of modesty.  Who wants to read what I am doing?  But it is about so much more than that as a networking tool.  And hey:  I am gaining a voice.  I think I do have something to say through my photography.  I’m coming late to the […]

iPhotographer Magazine

I was turned on to iPhotographer Magazine via Paul Toussaint on LinkedIn.  As I mentioned to Paul, I have been ambivalent about delving too deeply into using my iPhone’s camera and have therefore not explored what really creative people are doing with it. My exposure has been mostly with the mediocre images I see on Instagram (no […]

Open Door Series

This is one of the images I have submitted for a juried exhibition next week.  It is also part of a workshop I will be attending this weekend, the Open Door Series, sponsored by the Soho Gallery for Digital Art.  It’s being taught by Brainard Carey, author of “Making it in the Art World” and […]