Airborne Kite Surfer

This image was taken on Kite Beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.  I went to the beach hoping to get some decent shots about an hour before sunset.  I got there around 5:30pm, but the sun, which is of course already low in the horizon this time of year, was beginning to be blocked by the higher ground off the beach and the groves of tall palm trees that lined the beach.   So it was difficult to shoot the surfer’s on the surface of the water because they were usually in shadow, rendering the lighting uninteresting.  But when a kite surfer became airborne they were lit up by the low sun that cast the surfer in a rich warm tone.   This shot stands out to me because of the contrasting cool color of the sky with the warmth of the kite surfer, the posture of the surfer, and the way his board is lit up by the sun.


A kite surfer seems to hover in midair as he launches off of a wave and flys into the air. (©2014 Englebright Photography)

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