Agency Access

I feel as if my fledgling career as a commercial photographer has taken an important step forward with my decision to partner up with Agency Access to help me with my marketing and promotion.  It is called Campaign Manager.  After trying to work on marketing and promotion for a year on my own I decided that I needed help.  I am terrible at self-promotion.  It is time consuming and not what I want to be doing.  I am a photographer, not a promoter.  So far after a month I have a good feeling about the partnership.  I have been assigned a group of people who will be helping me, including a project manager, with developing long term strategies, promo pieces, mailing lists, design, building my portfolio, etc.  I feel like I have a team behind me.  The next best thing to having an agent.  I am very excited.  The cost can seem prohibitive, but I am thinking of it as an investment that will definitely pay dividends.  I will update this in a couple of months on how things are going with the campaign.  For now, I would recommend looking into this program if you feel stuck with your career or marketing.



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