After a Summer Hiatus

I took the summer off from my blog.  Actually, I just didn’t have anything to share or write about, and before I knew it I hadn’t posted anything in three months.  Nobody reads it anyway, so I don’t think I was missed.  And, the world doesn’t really need another blog post.  But I do want to share a new project I have embarked upon, The NYC Surfers’ Portrait Project.  I am photographing New Yorkers who surf off the Rockaways with their surfboards and in their wetsuits in urban environments that somehow relate to their life besides their surfing.  I am then asking them to write a short description of their relationship to surfing and the Rockaways and how the location in which they are being photographed is significant in their life.  I hope to have 25 portraits done by the time I am finished.  I don’t think I will get done by the end of this Summer/Fall, but I hope to get the majority of them finished.  I then would like to have the work exhibited with the subject’s comments.  Here is a diptych of my most recent portrait.  The final work will not be diptychs, but I think some of them work well as such.

 (EP_150819_081_v1.psd: ©2015 Robert Englebright EP_150819_128_v1s.psd: ©2015 Robert Englebright)

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