Adobe Photoshop Goes to the Clouds

This news has been around in the photo community for awhile, but now it is a done deal despite the clamor and petitions from the creative communities:  Adobe Creative Suites can no longer be bought, it has to be rented.   It is called the Creative Cloud, and for a monthly fee, the amount of which depending on what you rent,  you can have the entire suite or pick and choose which programs you want.  No more buying Photoshop and skipping a couple of versions.  You can still hold onto whatever version you have now and continue using it without a monthly subscription.  I plan on doing that with my Creative Suite 6 for as long as I can.  I am fundamentally against Adobe using its leverage as the most dominant program in the industry to force us into paying monthly subscriptions, but for now there are not many options and Adobe knows it.  There are other retouching programs out there, but Photoshop – in my opinion – is by far the best.  My hope is that other programs step up and begin eroding Adobe’s share in the marketplace by improving their programs and still providing them for purchase.  Overall this move by Adobe doesn’t seem to be going over too well with creatives, but their is not much of an option for businesses small and large that use Adobe CS on a daily basis.


Here is a good article by David Pogue in the New York Times that spells it out succinctly and clearly:

Software as a Monthly Rental

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