A Trip to San Francisco




I recently returned from a trip to San Francisco with close to 2000 images to edit and get down to about 40 so that I could create a manageable representative gallery.  One reason for the 2000 images is due to how I sometimes shoot, which is in brackets, usually in 1 stop increments.   If I was off on my own shooting I  would have shot many many more images because I’d be exploring whatever caught my attention photographically.  As it was, I was almost always with a friend, and although he was patient and accommodating I can never really “Get Lost” while I’m shooting if I’m with somebody else.  That’s one reason why I love photography so much – it allows me solitude even in the presence of a crowd.  But when I’m with somebody else I can’t do that.

This gallery represents a snippets from my experiences during the week I was there.  I would have gladly spent an entire week just exploring one subject, like the Castro District or the Monterey Bay Aquarium, or even the Japanese Tea Garden.  I may try to combine images from my trip 2 years ago with images from this most recent trip into a single gallery of San Francisco.  But for now, take a look at what I’ve managed to edit down to around 40 images.  Give me some feedback.

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