Gary Winogrand Exhibit at Metropolitan Museum

I just read this article from the NY Times, Looking at Photos the Master Never Saw, about the process of editing and curating the new exhibition at the Met Museum on Gary Winogrand and wanted to share it.  The article addresses several issues that this exhibition stirs up, one of which is the thorny issue of editing images that the photographer had not even seen:  ”How can an artist evaluate his photographs, correct his working methods and present what best expresses his vision, if he has never proofed his negatives?”  Winogrand had evidently left 2500 rolls of film undeveloped at the time of his death!!  Amazing. 56 of the 175 images on display at the exhibition were taken from these rolls of film.

I do not want to elaborate on the contents of the article.  It is best if it is read first hand and absorbed without my opinions.  I will say that I love John Szarkowski’s comment, “To expose film is not quite to photograph.”  He was a strong supporter of Mr. Winogrand’s work when he was curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art, but was deeply disappointed and angered by Mr. Winogrand’s sloppy output starting in the 1970′s.


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